Caroline Bilson Artist


I have always had a great interest in architecture, especially late 19th century architecture as I am fascinated by the wealth of detail and decoration on many buildings of this era and love the eclectic mix of styles and the exuberance of many Victorian buildings.

During the years I was living in Brighton much of my time was spent making drawings and prints of the local architectural landmarks such as the Royal Pavilion, The West Pier and the Palace Pier.

Also a lot of my work has been inspired by the grandeur and monumental proportions of great railway stations such as St. Pancras in London or Keleti Station in Budapest or Rizhky Station in Moscow, and I have created many drawings and prints of these from the sketches made and photographs taken when travelling.

I am also very interested in industrial architecture, and whilst living in Barcelona I created a series of paintings of industrial buildings and installations in Catalonia, focusing on the old textile colonies along the rivers Ter and Llobregat. Some of these colonies had been abandoned and were in a state of disrepair but others were still functioning as thriving communities despite the closure or change of use of their factories. It was fascinating visiting these sites, learning about their history and seeing how each of them has been affected by the passage of time.

Since returning to the UK I have been making work about buildings in Northamptonshire and Suffolk and have also created a series of hand coloured woodcuts featuring tea, coffee and the kitchen. The most recent work is a series of reduction linocuts of machines used in the shoemaking industry.